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How Much Does a Sharp Copy Machine Cost?

READ TIME: 5 MINS After doing your research online, you’ve decided you want to move forward with purchasing or leasing a Sharp copy machine. A well-known and accredited brand like Sharp instantly lets you know that their products would be a perfect...
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How Much Does a Kyocera Copy Machine Cost?

READ TIME: 5.5 MINS If you ask someone, "How much does a Kyocera copy machine cost?" don't be surprised if you get many different answers. Some people have snagged black and white laser printers for a mere $300, while others have written checks...
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Sharp vs. Kyocera: What's The Best Office Copy Machine?

Read Time: 5.5 mins.It’s hard to get a definitive answer to the question, “What’s the best office copy machine: Sharp or Kyocera?” Sharp enthusiasts recommend their favorite brand, while Kyocera loyalists claim it’s the only office copier you’ll...
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Office Copier Tips: How To Fix A Paper Jam

Stop me if you’ve heard this joke. A guy walks into the office and says, “This copier is full of peanut butter.” Another guy says, “That’s strange. Normally, it jams.” Ok, that’s a pretty bad joke, but you get the idea. Office copiers, like any...
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Top 10 Office Copiers For Your SMB in 2020

We’re getting close to entering the last quarter of the year, which could mean your business is analyzing the 2020 budget and making purchasing plans for 2021. An office copier isn’t always the easiest purchase to make because it’s an...
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Top 3 Reasons Your Business Still Needs an Office Copier

Just because it’s 2020 and our technology continues to advance doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for standard office equipment, like a copy machine. Or just because some or all of your staff are working from home, you may think there’s no longer a...
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What To Consider: Who are the Best Copy Machine Companies in Michigan?

READ TIME: 5 MINS. A copy machine is one of the essential pieces of office equipment your business needs. Although our technology world continues to advance each day, the demand for a standard office copier or multifunction printer (MFP)...
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How To Use An Office Copy Machine

READ TIME: 4.5 MINS. It may seem easier to simply experiment with all the new buttons of your office copy machine instead of taking hours out of your day reading the manual to learn how it works. Office copiers nowadays come with all the bells...
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Technology Solutions: Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Office Copier Up and Running

READ TIME: 5 MINS. It is one thing to understand the complexities of purchasing or leasing a new office copier. It’s another thing to actually get (and keep) that machine healthy once it’s in your office. Just like humans, copiers need a little...
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How Much Does an Office Copier Cost? Here’s The Breakdown

READ TIME: 5.5 MINS The initial cost and add-on features of purchasing an office copier might discourage you from going for it. When considering buying or leasing new equipment for your workplace, spending a ton of money outright is never an...
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Working Remotely with eFax Solutions

Each year, there are over 17 billion faxes sent worldwide. Clearly, faxing is a necessity in most workplaces today and it doesn’t appear that will be changing anytime in the near future. With public safety concerns and social distancing causing...
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Cleaning / Disinfecting Your Office Copiers and Printers

Your copiers and printers are some of the highest traffic areas in the office. To prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout your organization, you should begin by disinfecting your copy and print devices. We’re reviewing best practices for...
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