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Top 3 Reasons Your Business Still Needs an Office Copier



Top 3 Reasons Your Business Still Needs an Office Copier

Just because it’s 2020 and our technology continues to advance doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for standard office equipment, like a copy machine. Or just because some or all of your staff are working from home, you may think there’s no longer a need for an office copier. 

Many business owners and decision-makers believe that copiers are becoming less of a demand, but we’re actually here to challenge that thought.

We’ve got some top (and valuable) reasons your business still needs an office copier. But, before we dive in, we’re curious to know if you’ve been asking any of these questions: 


“My business is almost completely paperless, so why would I need an office copier?”

“Why do my remote employees need an in-home copy machine?”

“Doesn’t an office copier only print and copy? I need a more advanced device.”

“I’ve had the same copy machine for years. Why do I need to spend the time and money for maintenance or upkeep on a new device?” 


If any of these questions have recently run through your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Although the standard and typically bulky copy machine is a tad outdated, office copiers have come a long way—more so multifunction printers (MFPs). 

So, when we answer the question by saying, “Yes, your business does still need an office copier,” we’re talking about an MFP (multi-function printer). 

By the way, we know that new technological advances and practices can sometimes feel overwhelming. But we're here to help. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to walk with you and be your go-to trusted source. Make sure to reach out to us to learn more about how we can provide some of the best solutions for you now and in the future. 


Top 3 Reasons Your Business Still Needs An (Upgraded) Office Copier: An MFP


An MFP is a multi-function, all-in-one device which incorporates multiple duties into one office machine. Today, most MFPs can copy, scan, print, fax, and email documents

Multifunctional machines allow you to print or scan in black and white or color, enable use for mobile devices, permit you to increase print volume or print speed (pages per minute and paper capacity), and wireless networking set up. 

Additional add-on software can allow them to do even more to manage the document workflow and secure documents so that an organization can increase efficiency, control access, or meet industry compliance guidelines.

Take a look below at our top reasons why a multifunctional copier is one of the best ways to increase employee productivity while also providing the necessary means for your clients.


1. Just Because You’re Paperless Doesn’t Mean Your Clients Are

There’s nothing wrong with going paperless. It’s one of the best ways to store your documents and files on your online server or in the cloud. Shifting to a more a paperless setting is also great for the environment—because who doesn’t want to protect our trees? 

As so many of us are working from home now, a paperless environment makes it much easier to share and edit documents online without having to scan them yourself manually.

However, being a completely paperless business might not be as beneficial as you may think. Even in this ever-changing digital age, we’re living in, office copiers or multifunction printers mean you and your clients can share hard copies, such as invoices, project plans, assessments, and presentations. 

When it comes to providing services for your clients and how your products can benefit their business and employees, hard copies are necessary for business success. 

We speak on experience and consider what our current and new clients are saying about in-house office copiers. It’s critical to continue incorporating both printed and online materials in your business plans and a relatively easy way to become a well-rounded, multi-faceted business.

Here’s an example: Say you’re an office supplies company responsible for providing your clients with invoices on the products they’ve purchased each month. Since your company is digitally-based and paperless, you deliver invoices online via Acrobat®️ PDF.

A problem soon erupts with this process because one of your clients is a tiny “mom and pop” company who rarely uses a computer, let alone even has the required program to read pdf files. They won’t be able to view their invoice, leaving not just them inconvenienced, but you as well.

This makes it harder for them to receive their bill and later makes it challenging for you to collect payment. Keep in mind; it’s all about giving your clients options. Do you want them to feel “included” or “excluded”?

Now, we know not all companies are like this nowadays. As a small business that wants to stand out from all the others, you should provide as many choices possible to all the companies in your database. Let them make the call on how you can best serve them.


2. Technological Issues: Always Have A Backup Plan

We know you’ve probably experienced your fair share of computer crashes, lost data, or total system resets. And if we can guess, it was no fun. In worst-case scenarios, your company could face permanent data loss, such as personal employee documents, reports, and spreadsheets. 

This type of technological issue could potentially leave you scrambling, prolonging the completion of essential projects.

Now, we’re not saying you have to keep hard copies of every single document your company produces—that would be a little unrealistic. But, we suggest keeping hard copies of personal and vital company data that you can’t afford to lose. 

Using your MFP for printing and scanning important documents, such as accounting records, employee information, and company policies, provides a backup plan if a technological issue occurs. 

Even keeping hard copies of your yearly marketing or sales plans is a smart idea that ensures if something ever does go wrong with the technology at your company, these documents won’t be hard to recover.

Don’t forget, by scanning documents with your office copier, you can easily make and send the electronic files to multiple team members using distribution lists and software found on most devices. 

While technology has improved the business world so much, there is still no completely foolproof record-keeping method than hard-copy documents.


3. Reach As Many Clients With Your Office Copier As You Can

We think it’s important to note that your business’s office copier is just another tool for success. You and your employees should rely on this device and see it as an office solution. 

As a side note, If you experience constant issues with your copier and don’t feel you can rely on it, now is a great time to explore office technology companies, like AOS. A great office copier provider can come in and assess your current devices, review your pain-points, and present you with options that specifically address your business demands. 

Believe it or not, when it comes to reaching clients, closing new business, and building relationships, your office copier can help you with that. If your company has gone paperless and completely gotten rid of all copy machines, you’re limiting your success.

Don’t you want to make sure your business products and services reach the most significant number of people? To do so, you can’t limit your advertising and promotional pieces to online markets only. 

Incorporating and distributing physical print materials (such as brochures, pamphlets, or flyers) is a straightforward approach to directly connecting someone to your online efforts. Seeing your business in print will lead them to look you up further, online.

Since we currently are so wrapped up in digital efforts, cross-marketing physical pieces of paper is an excellent strategy for a better and stronger following and a unique approach to getting noticed.


The Final Say: Reasons Your Business Still Needs an Office Copier

The reasons we listed are a broad summary of how an office copier can enhance your work environment and improve the connection between you and your clients. An entirely paperless office isn’t your only option—as you can learn new ways to advance with your technology solutions.

Set aside some time to make a list of some printable collateral you think would benefit your business. You may be surprised just what all an office copier can do to help your business and client base grow. 

AOS strives to make sure you are as informed as possible, especially when enhancing your efforts and fully utilizing your office technology solutions. We’d love to speak with you on how your devices can better support your business and the products and services we offer, so make sure to reach out to us today. Just like you, we’re a growing company excited to help your needs. 


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