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Toner Pirates: What Are They and How To Avoid The Scams

    The phone rings at the office: "Hello ABC firm. I'm calling from the XYZ organization to follow up on an office toner order you placed. I can offer discounts and even bonus cartridges because we have overstocked them." Excitedly, you quickly...
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Office Copier Breakdown: Here’s What Not To Do

An office copier plays a vital role in the success of many of our businesses. Whether printing a marketing brochure or an entire sales pitch— we rely on copiers and printers to churn as many copies as we need. Because of how much we depend on them,...
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Top 5 Advantages of Buying Your Office Copier From a Local Dealer

  It’s time to buy a new copier, and now, you have to decide between a manufacturer-owned or local dealer. We’re going over the top five advantages of buying your office copier from a local dealer.  After reading this article, you’ll have a much...
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Office Technology: Laser Printers vs. Inkjet Printers

Understanding office technology can seem challenging, especially when it comes to laser printers vs. inkjet printers. You probably know that both can print documents, but that might be where your knowledge ends. 
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Find The Best Color Copier For Your Small Business (SMB)

  When shopping for the best color copier for your small business (SMB), the many options in the market may overwhelm you. Considering that some may be subpar, you may not know which one will be the best bet for your premium colored copies.  We’ve...
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Office Copier Dealers: Top Differentiators to Look For

As a business owner, office manager, or purchaser of office technology for your organization, there are many choices of where to purchase your next copier and service in the future. For example, there are manufacturers, copier repair businesses, or...
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Do I Need to Switch Office Copier Providers?

  Are you unhappy with your current office copier provider? Maybe you feel like you’re overpaying for services, or the company isn’t up to your standards. Now, you can’t help but wonder, “Do I need to switch office copier providers?” 
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Office Copiers and Printers: Avoid Hidden Costs

  When leasing or purchasing an office copier or printer, it’s critical to make sure your devices are taken care of by the provider or manufacturer for years on end. You would never purchase a new cell phone or even a car without knowing your...
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How Much Will It Cost To Lease An Office Copier or Printer?

    If you’ve researched how much it will cost to lease an office copier or printer, you might be disappointed with the results. That’s not because it’s too expensive. It’s because you can’t find any real answers.
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Do You Need a Document Management System?

  Are you still storing your paperwork in an overflowing filing cabinet? The files are likely casually organized, and you might even have some on the floor or stashed away in office drawers.
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How To Negotiate An Office Copier or Printer Lease

Is your office copier on its way out? If it can’t keep up anymore, it’s time to enter into a new lease. You want the best value for your money, so you’re probably going to entertain offers from different vendors.
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Office Copier and Printer Security: Protect Your Data

Imagine going over to your printer and removing a piece of paper that states, “This printer has been hacked.” That might sound like something out of a movie, but it recently happened to nearly 30,000 printers.
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