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Should I Fix My Own Office Copier?


Fix Office Copier

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Isn’t it hard to be productive when your office printer breaks down? When that happens, you might find yourself wondering, “Should I fix my office copier myself?” 

Although this might sound like a good way to get your machine up and running, it is actually a mistake. Let’s go over some reasons that you shouldn’t try to fix a multifunction printer (MFP) yourself.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Fix Your Office Copier 

There are a myriad of reasons that you shouldn’t fix your office copier yourself, ranging from voiding the warranty to failing to recognize when a machine has reached the end of its lifespan. 

Let’s take a closer look at each reason in greater detail. Then, you can contact a local authorized copier dealer, like AOS, to handle the repairs. 

You Could Void the Warranty

When you buy a new office copier, you also get a warranty. Warranties cover different items, with most protecting copier owners against defective parts. 

For instance, if the copier’s drum is defective and causes the machine to break down, you can file a warranty claim to have it replaced.

Your warranty likely has various stipulations and provisions. For instance, you probably have to keep up with regular maintenance to keep the warranty intact. 

Additionally, your warranty might state that you have to use authorized copier repair technicians. If you try to fix your machine yourself, you’ll void the warranty. 

Then, if your machine ends up having a defective part or another issue covered in the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. That’s an expensive mistake to make and a good reason to avoid fixing your machine yourself.

Self-maintaining is Often More Expensive 

If you want to fix your office copier yourself, it’s likely because you want to save money. You think that you can quickly fix the machine without spending much money, which is excellent for your office budget.

Unfortunately, it might not work out how you want it to, which can cost you a lot more than you would have spent if you’d gone the professional route.

Office copiers are incredibly complex machines with various working parts. Unless you know the ins and outs of fixing an MFP, you could end up causing additional damage. 

In fact, you might break a vital component, forcing you to pay more for the repair. You might even have to replace the machine if the damage is too significant to fix. 

On the other hand, copier service agreements tend to be affordable. You can make small payments toward services and contact the company whenever your copier breaks. This way, you won’t have to worry about costs spiraling out of control.

Your Machine Might Be Down for a Long Time 

Because your multifunction printer is so important, you don’t want it to be down for long. Unfortunately, that might happen if you try to fix your office copier yourself. 

It can easily take days or even weeks to get your machine up and running when you aren’t trained in copier repair. It’ll be even worse if you break the copier. Then, it’ll take even longer (and more money) to find a solution. 

Fortunately, you can get your copier fixed faster when using an authorized local technician.

If the problem is severe and can’t be fixed quickly, the dealer can provide a service swap device while fixing the copier. Then, you can continue printing and making copies, so you don’t have to worry about losing productivity. 

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You Might Overlook Issues Until They’re Severe

If you take a DIY approach to copier maintenance and repairs, you might not notice that you have a significant problem until your machine breaks down. Then, you’ll find yourself fighting against the clock, attempting to repair the device before it impacts your employees too much.

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by partnering with an authorized local copier dealer. You can get remote monitoring as part of your maintenance package.

The support team will monitor your copier from afar and schedule maintenance as needed if you choose this. You can also use this to ensure that you get consumables such as toner before running out. 

You can save so much time and stress with this, so consider remote monitoring instead of trying to fix your office copier yourself. 

You Could Use the Wrong Parts

Did you know that using genuine parts is essential when fixing your office copier? Your machine might not work as intended if you use the wrong parts when repairing it. Then, you could end up with a more severe problem on your hands.

Fortunately, an authorized copier dealer will use genuine parts when fixing your machine. Thus, you won’t have to worry about something not fitting correctly or failing to work as it should.

Your Machine Might at the Point of no Return on Repair 

If you handle repairs yourself, you might fail to recognize that your machine is shot. An authorized dealer will evaluate your current multifunction printer to see if fixing it is possible. 

If not, the repair technician can recommend a new machine for your office.

This might sound expensive, but the copier dealer will have affordable leasing options if you want to save money. 

Also, upgrading your copier machine can help you cut costs in the long run. The repair company will select a device based on your current usage and needs, which will be efficient and help your office increase productivity. 

You can also choose a machine that uses less toner, so you’ll spend less money while meeting your printing needs. 

The Final Say: Use an Authorized Copier Dealer for Repairs

While fixing your copier on your own might sound like a good idea, it can lead to many problems. Thus, partner with a local authorized copier dealer for maintenance and repairs. 

Your copier dealer will help you keep your warranty intact while also providing a fast, efficient, and reliable service.

AOS has helped organizations across all spectrums to reach their goals since 1969. We offer affordable service agreements and handle most repairs in three days or less. If we cannot repair your copier within that time frame, we’ll install a service swap device in the meantime. Learn more by reaching out to us today.
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Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

AOS has been providing a culture of care since 1969. I have the privilege of following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather in serving as the third generation of ownership for our company. We sell and service office equipment, software and technology that helps your business or organization run smoothly. We are nationally recognized for the level of service we provide our clients and have seen consistent growth as a result.

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