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5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Copier or Printer

Legacy copy and print brands have done an exemplary job of branding themselves, often relying on name recognition to enhance their positions as industry leaders. It’s not unusual, for example, to hear workers of a certain generation refer to...
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Printers vs. Copiers: Am I the Only One?

A commonality in the print and copy industry is a misunderstanding of the difference between a printer and copier. You may ask yourself: “Which do I need? What are the differences? How do I know what machine will best suit my needs? Am I the...
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4 Ways Schools Benefit from Managed Print Services

One of the best ways to help educators focus on student needs is to help them save time, work within tight budget constraints and prevent administrative headaches. We know this first-hand from school districts we’ve worked with. They’ve not only...
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6 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Control Printing Costs

The healthcare industry is experiencing a significant worker shortage, and the amount of paperwork that doctors and administrators have to handle is causing a direct impact on retention and job satisfaction.
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4 Tech Trends for Copiers and Printers in 2018

As businesses require faster production, increased efficiencies and higher output, they’ve needed to require the same kinds of performance from their copiers and printers. Print devices are vital in today’s business environments and they equip...
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3 Ways a Print Solution Can Improve Staff Productivity

Have you scoured through your business operations in search of ways to improve employee productivity? You’ve likely turned your attention to leaner processes, improved workflows, training or incentives, possibly with some success. But have you...
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Top 3 Printer and Copier Issues That Cause Downtime

Whenever office equipment or computer systems stop working as they should, it costs money. Billions, in fact. It’s estimated that IT downtime alone costs enterprise organizations $26.5 billion each year. That translates to about $150,000 per...
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What is Managed Print Services? 3 Ways it Can Save Money

An important part of sustaining business growth is empowering employees to focus on critical functions that contribute to the bottom line. Some growing pains, if not addressed, can distract employees from those duties and direct attention away...
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