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Top 3 Printer and Copier Issues That Cause Downtime



Top 3 Printer and Copier Issues That Cause Downtime

Whenever office equipment or computer systems stop working as they should, it costs money. Billions, in fact. It’s estimated that IT downtime alone costs enterprise organizations $26.5 billion each year. That translates to about $150,000 per business annually. Gartner suggests an even higher cost of $5,600 per minute for those affected by downtime — an astonishing $300,000 per hour!

When a company develops its IT strategy to mitigate the risks of downtime and lost productivity, the emphasis is often on its computer networks, servers and software. Often receiving far less attention than it should, however, is a company’s print and copy environment which is connected to various systems and susceptible to many of the same risks.

When a printer or copier breaks down or has connectivity issues, it can be a major disruption and end up robbing profits over time. Let’s take a look at the top risks affecting businesses and how a Managed Print solution can minimize downtime and costly maintenance associated with printers.


1. Outdated Equipment

Printers and copiers are made up of intricate systems that experience wear and tear over time, leading to breakdowns and costly repairs. All these moving parts and mechanisms means they have limited lifespans and will become less efficient over time.

Aging devices experience far more problems that lead to downtime. They also cost more to repair and face the threat of obsolescence where parts and services can become unavailable.

With Managed Print Services, you’re provided with state-of-the-art equipment that can seamlessly integrate with existing networks, that’s maintained by expert technicians who proactively install upgrades, anticipate repair needs and keep things up and running so your business can continue to operate efficiently.


2. Excessive Maintenance

The demands on the average office printer or copier have grown substantially in recent years. Modern devices can now scan, email, fax, copy, print and have other added features that allow users to customize print jobs. When something goes wrong with any of these functions, a call to a company’s IT help desk is usually the first reaction. Not only do those who were trying to use the printer lose productivity, but the IT personnel who are dispatched to fix the problem often get pulled away from other critical functions. The labor shortage among IT professionals is a major concern across industries and maximizing their time and capabilities is critical. All that time spent fixing printer problems could be directed elsewhere.

Another consideration is that most of today’s multifunction printers are highly technical machines and require specialized training. Partnering with a Managed Print provider will help ensure that issues can be resolved quickly, either through remote help desk assistance or on-site services from highly trained technicians who live and breathe these devices. Enlisting such a service allows your IT professionals to focus on their strengths and business initiatives that contribute to your bottom line by helping to ensure your other systems are maintained in a timely manner.


3. Overlooked Software Updates 

Much like computers or laptops, printers and copiers need regular software upgrades to ensure smooth operation and protection against potential cyber attacks and internal data breaches. Not only can a data breach or ransomware attack lead to significant downtime and result in tens of thousands of dollars in recovery costs — not to mention a tarnished business reputation — it can serve as the impetus for a company closing its doors for good.

According to Quocirca, a research and analysis company, over 70% of organizations have suffered a print-related data breach. Despite many devices coming with security options, those settings are often not activated. This stresses the importance of a reputable Managed Print provider that will properly configure security settings, perform firmware updates, install security patches and firewall protections, and train users on how to properly use the devices and keep data secure.

You’ve likely included your computer networks and other connected devices as part of your overall technology strategy, as you should. But don’t forget to include your printers and copiers in the mix. A properly managed print environment with the right equipment can contribute to more uptime and more profits. Reach out to the print experts at American Office Solutions for a free print needs analysis to help determine how to best protect your organization from potential problems.

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Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

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