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May 03

The Impact of Caring

Author: Kaitlyn Tracy Read Time: 3 min

At American Office Solutions, we find ourselves within an industry that is flooded with possibilities for consumers in need of commercial print devices. Whether they are simply weighing choices for a managed print...

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Jan 21

Self-Maintaining Your Print Devices May Be Costing More Than You Realize

Author: Brad McEldowney Read Time: 2 min

Have you ever considered how the increasing complexity of technology affects the way that we treat break-fix issues? Returning to our commonly used analogy of a car, years ago many people would have responded to an...

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Nov 21

Reduce Costs, Save Time and Build Relationships with AOS

Author: Malachi Crane Read Time: 3 min

The copy and print industry is a competitive one, and with so many different options to fulfill a variety of printing needs, it can be difficult to distinguish which will benefit your unique organization. At American...

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Sep 28

An Award-Winning Culture of Care

Author: Mike Hammond Read Time: 2 min


“In mid-August our service manager, Mike Hammond, was awarded the Pros Elite 100 Service Executive of the Year. Our partnership with Pros Elite, a group of industry experts, has played an essential role in...

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Sep 13

2 Ways Technology Impacts Managed Print

Author: Brad McEldowney Read Time: 2 min

A large part of our job as a Managed Print provider is explaining to prospective clients the many benefits that come from partnering with a company like ours. We spend our time, day in and day out, making sure that...

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Aug 16

Is Your Print Provider Asking You the Right Questions?

Author: Brad McEldowney Read Time: 2 min

Discussing our Managed Print Services with prospective clients often reminds us of one truth: very few organizations fully understand their own print environment. This commonly results in decreased productivity and...

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Aug 10

Designing Workspaces to Impact Your Company Culture

Author: Malachi Crane Read Time: 1 min

You may ask yourself what standing at your desk, designing with specific office colors or having conference tables integrated into your company’s work space can do to affect your productivity. A growing number of...

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Jul 31

The Unforeseen Benefits of Leasing Your Copier

Author: Malachi Crane Read Time: 2 min

When discussing the option of leasing with our prospective clients, we often use the comparative and commonly understood example of leasing a car. People generally wouldn’t equate a copier or printer with a lease...

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