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Find The Best Color Copier For Your Small Business (SMB)


Find The Best Color Copier For Your Small Business (SMB)

When shopping for the best color copier for your small business (SMB), the many options in the market may overwhelm you. Considering that some may be subpar, you may not know which one will be the best bet for your premium colored copies. 

We’ve created a complete guide about ways to find the best color copier for your SMB. This article helps identify what you should have in mind when searching for the best color copier for your business and employees.


The Best Color Copier: Consider Your Needs

You need to assess why you need a new color copier in the first place, as well as the other functions your organization requires, such as faxing, scanning, and remote network capabilities. 

For instance, do your copies need to be hole-punched and stapled? Or, maybe you need other finishing functions embedded within your color copier.

Even if you are shopping for a color copier, you may still need black and white copies. Look for one with settings for black and white and color copies. In addition, the copier should be compatible with your networking software to allow you to streamline your business processes.

The volume of paperwork you produce also counts when picking the best color copier. Some color copiers are made for light-duty, while others are ideal for heavy use. The speed of your copier will also matter, mainly if you will be producing high volumes of paperwork.

You should also consider the type of papers you will be producing the most. Most businesses use letter size and A4 documents. However, if you need bigger or customized paper sizes, you should ensure your machine offers that option.

When considering the paper type, don’t forget to look at the paperweight. Letterhead and custom stationery may need heavier papers than other office documents. Ensure the copier can accept papers of varied weights to meet all your document production needs.


Staying Within Your Budget

You may find that the fancier copiers also cost more. A great way to stay within your budget is by ensuring you are not paying more for advanced functions that you don’t necessarily need.

Besides the initial cost of buying or leasing an office copier, you should assess the cost of operating your color copier. Think about the cost of accessories and supplies such as toner and papers. Also, make sure to factor in the price of repairs and the availability of parts.

You may reduce the cost of repairing your copier if you buy a copier that allows remote troubleshooting since your technician can inspect it remotely and advise you on what to do. This way, your charges will be exclusive of the cost of traveling to and from your premises.


Ease of Use

Trust me; you won’t want to deal with the frustrations of an advanced color copier that no one knows how to use or fix. The best color copier should have an intuitive operating system that calls for minimal training to master how to use it.  

Ideally, your color copier would have a demo video walking you through the different functions. 


Compatibility with Existing Networks

Something critical that many of us forget to do is figuring out if your new copier is compatible with your existing systems. Some machines may render existing systems obsolete, forcing you to look for upgraded versions, which may come at an added cost.

You may also find out that you need the training to install and operate your new copier. However, this may not take you long since some copiers have wizards that guide you through the processes until you master them.


Security Features

If you deal with sensitive documents, you understand the significance of security features on your copier. The security level on your copier should always match your needs. 

It’s critical to use the security features on your copier to the maximum. Look for a machine that allows you to scale up when your security needs increase. Not to mention, some color copiers have biometric, PIN codes, and card readers for an added layer of security. 


Office Technology Support

Before buying your copier, find out if you will have readily available support. Some manufacturers and local dealers work with a network of technicians to ensure their customers are ready and have efficient support whenever they need it. 

Ask your manufacturer or local dealer you intend to buy from the kind of support they will offer you once you purchase the copier. Before settling on a dealer, ask around to know how responsive they are when called to give support to their customers to be sure your copier will run effectively at all times.

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Up-to-date Software 

Modern color copiers can perform more than one function. They come with software and applications that offer you advanced solutions, especially when you want to network remotely. 

Some allow remote teams to view and edit work remotely. Some of the other advanced functions you may get with the best color copier include:

  • Mobile/Air printing
  • Scan to the cloud
  • Scan to email
  • Connections to document managers like Square9

To benefit fully from your copier, ensure you understand the software you need to operate these functions. Some of these functions may work with software from other vendors, too.


Sustainability of Your Device

Consider the consumables that you will use with your copiers, such as toners and drums. Do you want to be stuck with piles of empty toner containers that you do not know how to dispose of? 

If you are conscious about sustainability, you will go for copiers that consume low volumes of consumables to avoid putting a high demand on raw materials. 

Also, be sure to look for a color copier with reusable or recyclable containers so that you can contribute to conserving the environment, such as copiers from brands like Kyocera.

The Final Say: Finding The Best Color Copier

As I mentioned before, you’ve got many different options and brands to choose from when trying to find the best color copier for your SMB. But, you’re already taking the proper steps and doing your research on how to get there. 

Remember, finding an office technology device isn’t always about the device itself—but the service and support it does (or doesn’t) come with. Be sure to read our article to learn more about partnering with the right copier company, Office Technology Solutions: How Can I Change Printer Providers?

At AOS, we are always happy to help you find the right machines for your office based on your budget and document production needs. We offer unrivaled copier repairs in one visit so that you can resume your operations in the shortest time possible. Make sure to reach out to us today to learn more about your options and the technology solutions we can provide.Your blog post content here…

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Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

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