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Office Equipment Leasing: What You Need to Know About Automatic Renewals

The most economical and lowest support cost for your office equipment leasing is keeping your organization on a consistent refresh cycle. With that being the case, how do organizations that sign an office equipment lease agreement for 5 years get...
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Office Equipment Leasing: What is a Personal Guarantee?

What Does a Personal Guarantee Have to do with Leasing a New Copier? You’ve looked at all of the options and finally settled on a printer to lease for your new organization, only to find out that the leasing company requires a personal...
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Frequently Asked Questions About Copiers and Printers

As 2019 comes to a close, our team has been reflecting on all of the questions that we've gotten about copiers and printers over the past year. We've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and answered them here.
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7 Benefits of Getting a Printer Lease for Your Business

Budgeting is everything when you're managing an office. You have to balance payroll, office supplies, equipment and rent. How can you maximize your budget and give your employees the additional tools they need to succeed? By leasing a copier or...
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