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Top Reasons Your Business Should Prioritize Office Copiers and Printers

Top Reasons to Prioritize Your Office Copier


Are office copiers still important? What about printers? You bet. Decades ago, a myth was formed: The idea that office copiers and printers would reach the dinosaur stage in the digital age. Documents would exist only in cyberspace, and cloud storage would take the place of printouts.

Well, guess what? That belief couldn't be further from the truth. Printers will always be essential office tools. Copiers, too, are necessary for completing various tasks and functions common to every business office. 

Printers and copiers must continue to be prioritized. Let's take a look at two of the top reasons these classic office tools are timeless.

1. Today's Models Aren’t Your Mom and Pop's Office Copiers and Printers

Today's top office copiers and printers provide many features never imagined not so long ago. Such features can save time and money. Multifunction printers (MFPs) can copy, print, scan, and fax in one device. 

MFPs are an excellent choice for budget-minded businesses, and they offer the ability to streamline processes. 


Scanning and Storing 

Documents can be stored, then shared with others via MFPs. Sharing is possible through applications like Google, SharePoint, and Dropbox.


Powering Productivity with MFPs

Automatic scanning frees workers for more skilled tasks. No longer will employees be forced to upload information from invoices, statements, receipts into record-keeping systems. 

Specialized functions on modern printers allow instant, effortless document scanning, even automated systems for scanning and storing multiple documents for saving.  


Print Audits Reduce Costs

Businesses need to be aware of actual utilization numbers for each of their office copy machines and printers. Today's MFPs do an audit to find out. 

One company, for example, had a printer in every department but found that two printers only had an output of five copies on average per month. Selling those two printers had little impact on operations but added significant funds to the budget.

Another option would have been to hire a managed print service. These providers handle print volumes, maintain the devices and offer other services. 


2. People Still Prefer Paper Copies For Many Types of Documents 

Are we becoming a paperless society? Not likely.

It was expected that technology would make paper documents less necessary, but that hasn't been the case. For instance, have you noticed how long contracts and agreements have become? And those types of legal documents will likely continue to be printed out for in-person signing when possible. 


Paper Materials Make Meetings More Effective

Many find meetings less stressful and more focused when paper documents, personalized and printed on office copiers, are available for review. Staring at screens for too long has been proven to not only increase stress but reduce productivity as well. 

Numerous studies cited in this post by BrainFacts.org concluded that comprehension occurs more effortlessly when reading facts from a printed paper document than when reviewing them on a digital screen.

Also, copying notes onto an agenda during a meeting with a pen onto paper even boosted retention rates. 

So providing quality printers and copiers to create quality meeting handouts can be a superior tool for boosting performance and company profits.

The studies cited were conducted about the situations students faced when learning remotely, so it's evident that school and college offices must maintain high quality, working copiers and printers to support student and teacher needs. 


Office copiers and Printers Offer Perks for Marketing and Sales

The ability to print and copy documents in-house saves time and money. Printed brochures for handing out or mailing to your well-screened target audience get noticed. This type of advertising can be easily adapted thanks to today's software design tools everyone can use. 

Utilizing your own printed materials for marketing and promotion when it makes sense can be much less expensive and be more attention-grabbing due to personalization than contracted digital or newspaper/magazine ad campaigns.


An Island Within the Digital Deluge

Easy-to-read brochures get noticed today because they stand out from the endless stream of ads popping up in front of content and flowing up the sidebar—keeping us from reading what we were searching for. 

Brochures offer us a treat; a relaxing break from screen time. It's easier to consider the features of an item or service when examining them on paper, not on a screen.  


Clients Appreciate Paper for Proposals and Agreements 

Let's face it. When signing legal documents, don't digital signatures make you nervous? Some transactions should take place on paper for security and peace of mind purposes. 

Being able to print out a contract or agreement makes your company appear more credible. And remember, it's easier to read that fine print on paper too.

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The Final Say: Prioritizing Office Copiers and Printers 

There are two top reasons for maintaining and upgrading office printers and copiers. But let's summarize the two overarching themes:

  1. Copiers and printers have changed with the times. They now offer many additional features that can help streamline your workflow and build your bottom line. 
  2. Employees, clients, and customers prefer paper for many types of documents and promotional materials.

If your printers and copiers don't offer the latest features, it's time for an upgrade. To find out more about what office copiers and printers can do for you and your small business, make sure to contact us today. We’re here to bring you office technology solutions for your growing organization. 


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Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

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