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5 Signs It's Time to Hire an Office Copier Repair Company


5 Signs It's Time to Hire an Office Copier Repair Company

Your office copier is kind of like your car. Sometimes, it sends a flashing warning sign that you need a repair, while other times, the signs aren’t nearly as apparent. 

We’ve all got a lot on our plates—especially this year. When it comes to keeping up with your office technology products, we sometimes fall short of staying up-to-date on preventative repairs and maintenance. 

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But that’s ok! This article is designed to help you learn the best time to reach out to a technology solutions provider before causing potential damage to your devices you so heavily rely on. 

Once you know the five signs that it’s time to hire an office copier repair company, you’ll become better equipped before a problem (or the dreaded downtime) occurs. 

When to Hire an Office Copier Repair Company

It’s nice to know that your office copy machine or printer repair company is just a phone call away. You can call the company anytime you need help, and they’ll send a technician out. 

The problem arises when you aren’t sure if you should call. However, these five signs are common indicators that it’s time to place a call for some assistance.


1. The “Call for Service” Indicator Light is On

The “call for service” indicator light is a lot like the “check engine” light on your vehicle. When the light pops on the screen, you know it’s time to call your copier repair services team. 

Before calling, make sure to get the asset ID which is located on the front of your printer or copier and model number so they know which device you’re referencing and to help save time.

Some service repair companies, including local authorized dealers like AOS, offer remote diagnostic services. 

This allows companies to diagnose the issue before visiting your office. In some cases, the technician can troubleshoot the problem over the phone instead of making an in-person service call. This feature can also save you valuable time.

If not, the technician will at least know what he’s walking into and what parts are necessary to repair your device. Then, when the service tech visits for an on-site repair, he or she will have everything required to fix the problem—cutting down on any potential downtime. 


2. Preventative Maintenance is Due

Like your vehicle, your multifunction printer also has a schedule for preventive maintenance. Following this schedule is critical if you want your copier to perform properly—not to mention, also helps you extend your office copier’s lifetime.

When it’s time for preventive maintenance, contact your authorized dealer. They’ll typically send a technician to your office to perform the maintenance. The technician will also address any problems he or she notices during the visit.

You can also get preventative maintenance as part of your copier contract or service level agreement (SLA). So, be sure to ask about this when negotiating your contract. 


3. Some of the Features Have Stopped Working

One of the reasons you were probably drawn to your multifunction printer (MFP) is because of the features. If you notice that these components have stopped working as they should, it’s time to call an office copier repair company. 

For example, the problem could be due to software upgrades, such as a firmware update or other types of software or networking issues that may need special attention. 


4. Your Copier Isn’t Doing a Good Job

Just because the device features are working doesn’t mean the machine is doing its job well. If your copier or printer isn’t performing in other areas as it should, it’s time to call for help. 

Here are some performance-related signs that you need to contact a printer repair or services company:

  • Lines and Streaks: Do you see lines and streaks after you make copies or print documents? You might notice these randomly, or they could appear on every page. Regardless of which one, you have a problem, and it’s a sign that your printer needs repairs.
  • Printing Blank Pages: You can’t help but feel frustrated when you finish a print job, only to discover it contains a ton of blank pages. Your office copier might be feeding multiple pages through the machine at once, or it might not be separating the pages as it should.
  • Printing All-black Pages: Have you ever ended up with all-black pages? That’s also a sign that your machine is failing to feed, separate paper properly, or a whole host of other problems.
  • Scanning Problems: You also need to call a machine repair company if you have scanning problems. First, you need to understand that your scanner does more than send documents to your email address or flash drive. Your scanner also plays an essential role in making copies. Scanner issues manifest in different ways. You might notice that the paper inside of the document tray jams or it misfeeds or that it doesn’t light up when in use. Or, scanning issues can be related to any changes to network equipment or with your internet provider services. 


Other signs include low contrast or color or failing to make exact copies. You also might notice that your scanner doesn’t send the electronic files or documents. If you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, now is the time to contact your provider.


5. Your Office Copier Constantly Needs Toner

When your vehicle eats through oil, you know it’s time to take it to a repair shop, right? The same is true for your copy machine, but instead of oil, it uses toner. 

You need to watch the toner consumption. If you are replacing the toner more than anticipated, it’s a sign that the toner is collecting somewhere inside the machine, leading to a severe problem. 


Next Steps: Let an Office Copier Repair Company Keep Your Machine Running

As you’ve probably noticed, we talk a lot about reaching out to your copier repair company for problems you’re not able to fix yourself. But what if you don’t have a reliable company to fall back on? 

Now is a great time to learn about your options regarding partnering with a company dedicated to helping your small business and making sure all your technology products are up and running each day. Make sure to read our article to learn more about this partnership, Top 5 Reasons to Partner with Your Local Office Copier Dealer

AOS offers managed print services along with other copier-related services. We provide remote monitoring and on-site maintenance for all the clients we serve. With our help, you can reduce your costs, improve efficiency, and meet your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take your organization to the next level.

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