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Comparing Copier Quotes (Examples Included)



We took 3 different copier quotes that were received for the same device and broke them down to review the information you need to know in order to get the true cost comparison for your next printer or copier.

How should I compare pricing on my copier quotes?

We come across this question every day and it’s a tough one to answer. Since all office equipment companies put their price quotes together differently, it can be very difficult to create a true cost quote comparison or determine the lowest price. We’ve taken three different copier quotes that were received for the same black and white multifunction printer and broken them down to review the information that you need to know in order to get a true cost comparison for your printer or copier.

Copier Quote 1:

Proposal Example A: K5002i With a 4,000 page external finisher 60 month lease w/dollar buyout $220 per month This includes 3,000 prints per month at 5% page coverage. As well as install, initial training, all consumable parts for the devices and any maintenance. *Not included under the lease contract are service calls associated with paper jams, or other human error *Paper not included *This quote is valid for 30 days

  1. This copier quote is extremely short and to the point. The manufacturer is only identified by the letter K in front of the model and it lists one main accessory.
  2. What information has been included in the quote above:
    1. Model
    2. Monthly Lease Cost
    3. Service & Maintenance Description – Only initial training is included?
    4. Service Exclusions
  3. What information is missing:
    • Manufacturer
    • Purchase Price
    • Copier Configuration Details
    • Base Service Cost
    • Cost Per Copy (CPI or CPC) – Both for included prints and copies as well as those that are over 5% page coverage.
  4. Additional Notes:
    • This proposal is lacking a lot of the details necessary for the buyer to make an informed decision. There’s nearly no information on the copier itself and the service description doesn’t include any details on the pricing.
    • In addition, there are 2 major concerns that stand out in this proposal
      • The only prints included in the service agreement are for 5% page coverage. Ironically, that’s about how much text is on a normal proposal page. Anything with more ink on the page than that may be at a higher undisclosed cost.
      • The service agreement doesn’t include paper jams or anything else that may be considered human error. Many service calls that come in are the result of paper jams. If these aren’t covered, what will you be charged for each of these calls?



Copier Quote 2:Proposal Example B: Kyocera TASKalfa 5002i Copier Quotation Color Scanning 50 copier per minute Kyocera TASKalfa 5002i Copier Includes: Dual Scan 270 Sheet Auto Doc Feeder Automatic 2 – Sided Copying & Printing 2 Trays / 1,100 Sheet Paper Capacity Dual 1,500 Sheet Paper Tray 200 Sheet Bypass Unit 4,000 Sheet Stapler / Finisher Cabinet Network Printing Universal Color Scan / Send Touch Screen Interface Electronic Sort Setup & Delivered Training Suggested Retail Price $14,500. Discount $ - 5,000. Total Purchase Price $   9,500. Optional Equipment: Fax System $700. *Tax where applicable **Quote is Valid for 30 days

  1. This quote has a lot of equipment information listed, clearly identifying the copier features as well as the purchase price.
  2. What information has been included in the quote above:
    1. Make and Model
    2. Copier Configuration and Features
    3. Purchase Price
    4. Optional Analog Fax Pricing
  3. What information is missing:
    • Monthly Lease Cost
    • Copier Configuration Details – Differentiating between standard features and add-ons that have been included.
    • Base Service Cost
    • Cost Per Copy (CPI or CPC)
    • Service & Maintenance Description and Exclusions

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Copier Quote 3:

Proposal Example C: Proposed Solution Based on our analysis of your organization’s workflow and needs, we recommend the following solution. We would be happy to demonstrate the equipment in person and let you get hands on with the proposed equipment and technology. Equipment Qty: 1, Manufacturer: Kyocera, Model: TASKalfa 502i, Description: 50 PPM A3 BW MFP 270 Sheet Dual Scan Document Processor 4000 Sheet Finisher Attachment kit for DF-7120 / DF-7110 2-500 Sheet + 2-1500 Sheet Paper Trays AR-D5133NT Surge Protector Equipment Payment: $190 per month for 60 months. +$14 per month to add analog fax Support Agreement: $30.00 per month, includes everything listed below Support Agreement includes parts, supplies, toner, labor, service calls, preventative maintenance, and unlimited training excludes paper and staples. This agreement includes 3,333 black prints monthly. All additional black prints to be billed monthly @ 0.00900 per page based on actual volumes.

  1. This proposal gives a detailed copier configuration as well as a short description of what’s included in the service agreement.
  2. What information has been included in the quote above:
    1. Make and Model
    2. Copier Configuration
    3. Monthly Lease Cost
    4. Optional Analog Fax Pricing
    5. Base Service Cost
    6. Service & Maintenance Description – Including ongoing training
    7. Service Exclusions
    8. Cost Per Copy (CPI or CPC)
  3. What information is missing:
    • Purchase Price
    • Additional information on standard copier features
  4. Additional Notes:
    • This proposal has clearly defined copier lease costs and includes the product configuration.


Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership

Now that you’ve reviewed your office copier proposals and requested any additional information, you’ll be ready to accurately compare quotes by calculating your Total Cost of Ownership.

Updated TCO Example that shows the comparison. Since these quotes were missing information, it wasn't possible to come up with a true cost comparison. This left two of the vendors with unknown total costs of ownership. This second comparison was take using additional information that was requested from the prospective vendors to clarify the total costs. Since this company was looking to lease the device, the total cost of ownership was calculated with that in mind. (Lease Payment + (Cost Per Image X Average Monthly Volume)) X 60

With the added information, there’s a much clearer picture of what the anticipated costs will be for each vendor, allowing you to make an informed decision for your business.

If you would like to learn more about copier costs or other industry topics, visit our blog.

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