Self-Maintaining Your Print Devices May Be Costing More Than You Realize

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Have you ever considered how the increasing complexity of technology affects the way that we treat break-fix issues? Returning to our commonly used analogy of a car, years ago many people would have responded to an issue with their vehicle by trying to solve it themselves. The driving reason behind this was the simplicity of technology and tools needed, compared to the complexity of fixing the same break-fix issues today.

Today cars are much more complex, meaning that the average person cannot solve the issues they once could. Copy and print devices, being technology as well, are no different. As a result, companies like ours exist not only to provide such devices to organizations, but also to service them. Cost savings and increased productivity make this an ideal solution for many companies and organizations who are currently self-maintaining their print environment.

Cost and Resource Savings

Many organizations think that self-maintaining of their print devices can save them both time and money. While up front, this may look like the most cost-effective option when it comes to purchasing devices, this theory falls apart with the maintenance of purchased devices. The truth of the matter is, cheaper devices cost more to operate. Toner cost quickly adds up. Oftentimes, organizations find that our full proposed solution, including both device lease and service, can equal less than the price they are paying for toner alone while self-maintaining. Our service offering always includes automatic replenishment of toner, which ships on demand as a result of device usage and toner levels monitored by software.  

Increased Productivity Efficiencies

While the amount of money spent on toner can be an easier number for organizations to understand the expense of, what many people do not realize is the cost of their time. Companies’ self-maintenance of their print environment costs them time at every step. Beyond just the initial time spent ordering toner, there is also the time devoted to solving break-fix issues with print devices, particularly for IT personnel. Not only does this time accumulate while fixing the copier or printer, but also creates inefficiencies for other individuals whose workflow is slowed or halted. Our service team creates great relationships with both IT staff and end users at organizations to optimize productivity at every step.

It’s a daily occurrence for our team members to have these conversations with prospective clients who are currently self-maintaining. Countless times we have seen and demonstrated the ways that Managed Print can save money and improve efficiencies for organizations of varying size and scope. If your business or organization is currently self-maintaining your print environment, fill out our free Needs Analysis form to start the conversation about how we could save you time and money.


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