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How Your Lexmark Copier Can Help the Environment



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Over the course of centuries, preservation of the environment has become a major motivator in the actions and decisions of individuals and organizations alike. Whether it involves recycling plastics, reducing usage of harmful chemicals, or even changing production to include biodegradable materials, countless methods of reducing our impact on the environment exist.

Specifically, methods of reducing the impact on the environment for copier providers include toner cartridge recycling programs or equipment recycling programs. Lexmark is a prime example of a copier company seeking to reduce their carbon footprint with environmentally friendly recycling programs such as these. 

Lexmark’s Environmentally Friendly Recycling Programs

Two main recycling programs comprise Lexmark’s environmental initiative. These two programs are the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) and Lexmark Equipment and Collection Program (LECP). 

The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program involves the collection and recycling of empty toner or waste toner cartridges. This program requires more input by the end user than the Equipment and Collection Program.

On the other hand, the Lexmark Equipment and Collection Program involves the collection and recycling of Lexmark equipment such as copiers and printers. Most of this program is handled by either a local copier dealer or Lexmark itself.

How Recycling Works Through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

To play your part in reducing the impact your Lexmark copier has on the environment, you can participate in utilizing their environmentally friendly toner cartridge recycling program. Returning old toner cartridges through this program helps reduce the impact on the environment and support environmental sustainability one toner cartridge at a time. Participating in the toner recycling program is as simple as following the steps below:

  1. Package Your Old Toner Cartridge - After receiving a new toner cartridge from your copier provider, the time to change the cartridge will quickly arrive. At that time, remove the new toner cartridge from the packaging. Then, place the old empty toner cartridge or waste toner cartridge in the empty bag your new cartridge came in. 
  2. Box the Old Toner Container - Once the cartridge is safely placed inside the bag, carefully place the empty cartridge back in the box your new cartridge came in. You can put the new toner cartridge into your copier or printer at any time before or during this process.
  3. Label the Package - Attach a shipping label to the package. This shipping label will either come in the box with the new toner cartridge or can be requested from Lexmark on their website. If you have a dedicated copier provider, you can also reach out to them to request a shipping label.
  4. Ship the Package - At this point, the empty toner cartridge should be packaged and ready for shipping. Shipping can be performed like with any other package by sending it with the carrier designated on the label, oftentimes with UPS.

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How Recycling Works Through the Lexmark Equipment and Collection Program

Not only does Lexmark recycle old toner cartridges, but they also recycle their end-of-life printers and copiers. Part of their commitment to a sustainable environment includes the Equipment and Collection Program. The LECP provides an opportunity for responsible disposal of Lexmark printers and copiers. Two options for recycling end-of-life Lexmark printers exist:

  1. If replacing your old Lexmark printer or copier with another Lexmark device, you can use the packaging and a free shipping label to return the old piece of equipment to the company.
  2. An alternate option is to seek out a local method of returning the old printer or copier. For example, if you purchased or leased the device with a local copier dealer, the local dealer can pick up the old device and ship it out for recycling on your behalf.

Benefits of Participating In the Lexmark Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

There are multiple reasons to participate in Lexmark’s eco-friendly recycling programs and plenty of benefits as well.

  1. Reduce Impact on the Environment - Participants in the Lexmark Toner Cartridge Collection Program can take heart in the fact that they are reducing their carbon footprint by shipping old toner containers to Lexmark for recycling. Old toner containers and copiers are fully recycled with zero landfill waste.
  2. Easy and Convenient - Participating in the toner recycling program is simple since the method of shipping is already provided and only requires a few small actions on the part of the copier user. 
  3. Free of Charge - Lexmark covers all shipping costs associated with the transport of recyclable materials as part of their promise to support a sustainable environment.

The Final Say: Support the Environment with Lexmark's Eco-friendly Devices

If you use a Lexmark copier, you can participate in eco-friendly pursuits by utilizing Lexmark’s Toner Cartridge Collection Program. Shipping old toner cartridges or copiers back to Lexmark is a simple and perfect method to assist in reducing your carbon footprint. 

As a Lexmark dealer in Michigan, American Office Solutions adheres to the principles of respecting the environment. To ensure the longevity of the Earth we live on, we take steps to ensure all products we offer utilize environmentally friendly recycling programs and systems. Contact us at 800-346-6920 for any inquiries concerning eco-friendly copier needs you might have.

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Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

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