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Kyocera 101: How to use a 308ci Tutorial


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Today we’re reviewing the basic operations and functions of the Kyocera TASKalfa 308ci. You can feel free to follow along with the video tutorial above, or read at your convenience below. If you click through to the YouTube link there will be chapter headings in the description to help you quickly navigate to what you need help with.

Paper Trays and Stands

This 308ci is built with one paper tray as well as a stand. The stand is used for extra storage space, and also gives the copier a little bit of height. The paper tray holds up to 500 sheets of paper and it has an adjustable tab which can hold up to legal size paper, which is 8.5 by 14. 

Kyocera 308ci Adjustable tab supports up to legal size paper

On the right side of your copier is the bypass tray. The bypass tray can hold plain paper, but it is ideal for envelopes, labels, or heavy card stock due to the easy pass through the machine. The bypass tray also has adjustable tabs as well to meet your size requirements. 

Ideal for envelopes labels or heavy card stock, with adjustable tabs to meet your size requirements

Fixing Paper Jams

When a paper jam takes place it will be displayed on the screen. It will direct you to opening the paper tray or the side door. You'll usually see the paper sticking out which you can just pull out and fix. 

The side of the machine has helpful blue tabs to let you know that the paper jam could be located there. There's also a red hot roller. When you see red on the copier that means it's going to be hot and you shouldn’t touch it. 

Blue tabs indicate possible paper jam locations

Red markings on the passthrough means hot and shouldn't be touched


When it's time to change the toner you will receive a notification on your display screen. The toner is located on the top panel where the Kyocera logo is located. Just pull on the sides and it'll pull right down. 

Just a reminder that if you use AOS as your managed print provider, your toner is monitored and we'll automatically ship your toner so you never have to worry about running out. 

To replace the black toner you just pull on this black tab and it'll start pulling out. Once you receive a new one, you’ll just place it right back in and then it's good to go. The color toner works the same way, you’ll just pull the tag and it pops right out. Then you can push the new one right back in.


Waste Toner 

These copiers have waste containers as well. The waste containers have a life of 40,000 pages so you're not going to be replacing this as often as the color or the black toner cartridge.

To remove the waste container you just pull on the blue tabs on the large cartridge right below the toner cartridges. When you need to put a new one back in just place, just push it all the way in until you hear it click. 

The waste container is something that is not monitored so once you receive a notification on your screen that it will be time to replace your waste container, call or send an email to your managed print provider, and they’'ll ship it to you. 

Pull on tabs to replace toner

CTA On page

Basic Functions

Lastly we're going to discuss the basic functions and features of the display screen the display screen is going to let you know if you're running out of toner if there's a paper jam in your copier, but it's also going to be your home base for you to complete your print jobs, your scan jobs, or your sending jobs. 

Copy Functions

The first application you'll see is copy, go ahead and press that. 

Paper Selection

After selecting Copy, you'll be able to change different settings that will meet your needs. For example if you want the copy to pull from a specific paper tray you'll just just let it know by pressing the paper selection option. We recommend changing any of the paper settings to exactly the type of paper you are using to prevent print jams or errors from happening. 


Going back to the previous screen you'll see zoom. This is helpful if you have a document that you don't want it to take up the full page. For example you can bring it down to 25% so it's only taking a quarter of the page, or bring it down to 50% so it's only taking up half of the page.


Density is great option especially if you have a document that has pencil drawings all over it. If you want those pencil drawings to be seen you can turn up the density, if you don't you can lower the density so it doesn't pick it up. 


Duplex is where you can make your copies double-sided or one sided depending on what you’re looking for. If you select it you'll see all the different features. If you want it to be one-sided that'll be the first option. If you have two documents and you want it to be one document front and back you can select one sided to two sided. Two Sided to One Sided is when you have a double-sided document and you want it to be on just individual pieces of paper. And then two-sided to two-sided is if you have a double-sided piece of paper and you need it to be double-sided when copied. 


Combine is a feature where if you have two documents and you want to just be on one page it will shrink it down to 50% so it will fit both documents on one page. The 4 in 1 is going to be the same exact concept but shrinks everything down to 25% so it's 4 documents on one page.

Color Selection

Color selection is a tool where you can change what colors are used when you make a copy. For example if you want it to be black and white you can press the black and white button. If you want it to be color or auto color you can make those selections as well. Single color would be if you only wanted it in red, green or any other colors you can choose which colors you want it to select and it will only print that option. 

ID Card Copy

On the copy features menu you'll also see the functions at the bottom. After you select functions you’ll see ID card copy which is a popular tool used if you scan a lot of business cards, drivers licenses or anything of that nature. You will put the business card on the glass on top of the copier, shut it, and press start. It will scan the front side and then it'll tell you okay flip it over. You flip the card over you press start and it'll basically put the front and back of the card just on one document instead of two. 

Skip Blank Page

Another popular feature is the skip blank page. If you are copying many duplex documents but have one that's just single sided and don't want to leave it in as a blank page you can select the skip blank page option. This is useful also when you're sending to your computer or to email as well. 

Sending Functions

Next we’re going to go over the sending feature. This is super helpful when you're trying to scan your documents and sending it to your email. The most popular feature for sending is going to be using the address book. This is a feature that will list everyone's name. If you don’t see their name you can add onto the add address book for easy convenience. Simply select your name, press okay, press start and it will start the job.

If you just want to make it a one time situation you can just select email from the send options and type it all in.

Job Box

The Job Box can hold any of your print jobs. For example, say you're printing a job, but you know you're not going to be able to make it to the copier because you're on the phone, you can actually send your print job to a job box. You can even add a PIN to the print job so not anyone can just go in there press on it and click print. The PIN can be used in case it's any important private information that no one else should see.

USB Drive

USB drive is a nice feature to have especially with any power outages that may happen or your networks down. When the Network's down you won’t be able to print because the computer and the copier aren't talking to each other. So it's nice to have a USB drive you can place it on the side port. You simply put it in, click on the USB drive and see all your files listed here. You can press on one, press start, and it will continue your print job and get whatever you need printed.

Job Status/Pausing Jobs

At the bottom of the display on the home screen you're going to see just some useful applications as well. A popular one is job status. Here you can click on any print jobs and review any of the recent ones, or you can see any of the upcoming ones. This becomes useful if you accidentally pressed something like 400 copies of a document instead of 4 and you don't want that to keep on printing. In the Job Status you can press Pause all Print Jobs then you can go in and cancel any print jobs that might need to be canceled and then resume it so move anyone else up in the queue. You can also see your job status when it comes to sending your documents to email or your computer. You can see any of your stored job statuses, schedule a job, view your paper status, your toner status, and printer status, all those things just from that one application. 

Paper Settings

Paper settings is going to be a common feature if you change the paper out on your machine often. For example if you're changing out your first paper tray with card stock, colored paper, different sizes, etc., it's important to let the copier know to help prevent it from jamming. You can have it set to auto so you don't need to worry about it as much, but when it comes to printing on different media types outside of the standard 8.5 x 11 in plain sheet of paper that's where it becomes important. If you're putting envelopes, letterhead documents, rough paper, or recycled paper, letting the device know is never a bad thing. 

Multipurpose Tray

When it comes to a multi-purpose tray, it's going to be the same exact situation as the Paper Setting. When using labels it becomes especially important to let the copier know because it'll turn down the heat on the machine. Reducing the heat will help the labels not stick to the copier and lose it somewhere in the roller of the machine, and cause a paper jam. 

System Menu 

Click the home button to return to the home screen. System Menu can be found at the bottom of the screen. This is where you're going to be able to find any reports on the machine. This isn’t a feature we see our clients using often, but they can use it to see how many pages they've printed on the machine, any counters that you may need any, setups, etc.


Favorites is a tool you can use to add any of the things mentioned above to your favorites list for quick easy access. By default it comes with your basic standard functions that we've discussed.

Keypad buttons

Now we'll discuss the buttons on the keypad below the display port. These buttons are quick moving functions. If you want to see your job status you can just click the job status button and it will bring you right there. If you want to go home you can just click the button with the home icon. You have your quick select buttons of copy, send and fax. 

If you're ever in an application and you're messing around with it and changing the settings you can press the yellow reset button and it will reset all those functions that you may have changed on the application. 

Next we have the stop function. If you're ever running a print job you can quickly press the red stop button to halt the print job. 

Then if you want to start anything you can press the big green Start button. This incudes If you're trying to send a document, and you want it to hurry up and happen you just press start and it'll go right ahead. 

On the right there's some energy saving buttons that you can click on just for the copier to shut down and be in sleep mode. Authentication or log out, is a feature that you would use if you have a software such as PaperCut. 

Always feel free to reach out to AOS if you have any questions or need any support in any way. We do offer in-person training as well, or you can call the number on the sticker on the front of the machine. Provide us the C number and we can help you. Thanks so much!

Brad McEldowney

Written by Brad McEldowney

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